silk thongs for men.

silk thongs for men

Thongs are special type of undergarments that are worn by men or women as underwear or as a swimsuit in many suits. Thongs are not just for women anymore. Men’s thongs are available in many styles and fabrics. One such variety is the silk thongs. Men’s silk Thongs are similar to the bikini bottom, at the anterior they cover genitals and perineum and from behind, they leave the bottom exposed with just a thin waistband and a thing waist strip that connects the waistband and is worn between the buttocks. Men’s Silk thongs provide comfort and aesthetic value.
Silk is a fabric of wealth and nobility. It has been used as a fabric for making men’s silk thongs and is favored as it is easy to dye, it is smooth and translucent. The tradition of silk thongs for men has descended from the ancient times.

silk thongs for men

How to make cheap silk thongs for men?

Thongs for men come in many fabrics and one such fabric is silk. Silk thongs are smooth and translucent; they depict a sense of wealth and nobility. If you want to look and feel sexy in a manly way, you can wear silk thongs. When thongs are made of natural silk, they breathe and regulate the temperature. You can make a silk thong easily at home. Here are instructions for making a cheap silk thong for men.

Cut out silk fabric in the color you like to fit snugly around your waist.
Secure the silk fabric in the pelvis region through stitches with inside seam at the fabric’s top end.
After securing the silk garment at the pelvis region, bring the silk fabric back to the front between the legs.
Stitch the silk cloth with a little gap in the genital area.
Cut the material from each leg away by securing the front part as a guide. The fabric has to be cut high on the hips. After you are done with the cutting, step into the fabric to check it. When cut correctly the thong exposes your buttocks.
The front part of the thongs should be trimmed in “V” cut, to allow space for the private parts.
Trim all the seams at the top and sides of the thong for comfort.[easyazon_image add_to_cart="yes" align="left" asin="B002UXC21A" cloaking="default" height="160" localization="yes" locale="US" nofollow="yes" new_window="yes" src="" tag="thongsformen-20" width="160"]

How and where  to Buy cheap silk thongs for men ?

You can buy cheap yet elegant looking silk thongs for men on the internet. As they are private purchases, you can buy them privately on sites like Men’s silk thongs are available in many types. Therefore, you can pick the style that suits you best. Some styles are mesh or string thongs. Some silk thongs are also available that lift your private parts and create a better look. Pick a men’s silk thong that suits your style and attitude best.